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        ApacheCon is Coming 9-12 Sept. 2019 - Las Vegas The Apache Software Foundation
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        It is an unfortunate truth that, at times, any community will lose valued members. This site is intended as a means to rejoice in them and their contributions to our community, and to keep their memory alive.

        Everyone listed here is remembered by the rest of the Apache community that they worked with.

        It is hoped also that this site will help give family and friends who have not participated in the Apache Software Foundation projects some insight into the work that their loved ones have been doing here, and also a flavor of the relationships that they had developed with their colleagues at Apache.

        Date Name
        29 May 2019 Henk Penning
        30 September 2016 Greg Reddin
        1 January 2016 Adrian Crum
        29 July 2015 Nóirín Plunkett
        24 May 2015 Ian Lynch
        5 September 2013 Bruce Atherton
        25 September 2008 Dion Gillard
        1 August 2008 Maurice Marrink
        4 October 2005 Nicolas Chalumeau
        29 January 2004 Martin P?schl

        We have put together some information for your community, if such a tragedy occurs.