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        ApacheCon is Coming 9-12 Sept. 2019 - Las Vegas The Apache Software Foundation
        Apache 20th Anniversary Logo

        Community-led development "The Apache Way"

        Apache Support Logo

        The Apache Software Foundation, a Delaware chartered 501C3 membership corporation, publishes a wide variety of operational records about the corporate operations of the Foundation, as well as an overview of corporate governance procedures.

        The Board of Directors publishes a formal Board Calendar and Minutes of our monthly meetings. An alternate categorized listing of all past Board minutes is also available.

        Bylaws And Original Incorporation Records

        US Internal Revenue Service Filings and Notices

        The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) filed the below annual Form 990 tax returns with the IRS.

        Delaware Secretary of State Filings and Notices

        Other Organizational Records

        Project-Related and Technical Records

        Apache projects perform all of their technical work using open, publicly archived mailing lists. Please review our overall mailing list information page. We have an overview of all Apache projects.