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        ApacheCon is Coming 9-12 Sept. 2019 - Las Vegas The Apache Software Foundation
        Apache 20th Anniversary Logo

        Community-led development "The Apache Way"

        Apache Support Logo

        Publicly archived mailing lists are critical to the operation of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and to our many Apache Projects. Apache projects use mailing lists to coordinate development of the software and administration of the organization. Mailing lists also serve as a primary support channel where users can help each other learn to use the software.

        Mailing list participants are expected to abide by the well-established rules of "netiquette", as well as the ASF's published Code of Conduct. We also have Tips for email contributors.

        Please be aware that email sent to Apache developer or user mailing lists will be subject to our Public Forum Archive Policy.

        Note that some Apache mailing lists are not public; they are often but not always named private@. Be sure not to take emails from private discussions or mailing lists into a public forum or list unless there is agreement of all parties.

        Moderation of posts

        Most lists require a poster to be subscribed. If you are not subscribed, your post will require moderation. This may take hours or days, so it's best to subscribe (as described below) before posting.

        Subscribing and Unsubscribing

        Unless otherwise noted, these lists are managed by ezmlm, which allows users to subscribe or unsubscribe by sending an email to a special address. This works as follows:

        ASF committers can alternatively use the Whimsy Mailing List Self-subscription service.

        Request addresses for [un]subscribing

        If you want to subscribe to list@apache.org then you need to send a message to


        To get off a list, send a message to


        To unsubscribe a different e-mail - e.g. you used to be subscribed as user@oldname.example - send a message to


        [The list moderators can also do this.]

        If you do not recall the address you are subscribed as, view the full headers of any email you received from the list and examine the Return-Path, Received, and List-Id headers; these should embed both the address you are subscribed as and the address of the mailing list.

        Note: Spam filters don't like messages with empty Subjects; just use e.g. "subscribe" or "unsubscribe". Spam filters are also more likely to reject HTML-formatted messages; please use plain text.

        Request confirmation

        After you send the subscribe or unsubscribe request, the list manager will send you a confirmation e-mail in reply. You must reply to this e-mail to complete the process. If you have not received the confirmation request, check that it has not been marked as spam.

        Note: private lists generally require a moderator to confirm the subscription. This may take a day or two. If necessary, try again after a few days. For this reason it's recommended that ASF and PMC members use the self-subscribe app instead; that avoids needing to wait for the human moderators to check and green-light your subscription request.

        Other list commands

        To find out more about a list's features, including how to contact the list owner (moderator), send a message to


        Ezmlm lists also generally provide subscribers with a means of requesting specific past messages or ranges of messages; send mail to the list's help address to find out more. This can act as a sort of 'poor man's archive' if the normal archives are inaccessible or don't exist.

        All ASF committers can get a list of (a) what email addresses are known to the ASF as belonging to them (b) what mailing lists they are moderating, and (c) what mailing lists they are subscribed to by going to the following page:


        Digest Subscriptions

        Most mailing lists can also be subscribed to in digest form, if you want to subscribe to list@apache.org in digest form then you need to send a message to


        To get off a digest list, send a message to


        If you need to unsubscribe a different email or get help with a digest list the same instructions as for subscribing/unsubscribing above apply you simply need to remember to add -digest after the list name and before the -subscribe or -unsubscribe


        Each mailing list generally has several moderators who look after the list. For further information, please see the Committers FAQ - Mail Questions

        Mailing List Archives

        Archives for public mailing lists are available at a number of locations, including:

        Project Mailing Lists

        Links to project-specific mailing list info can be found on the project resources page.

        Tip: if you have a technical question of any kind, the best place to ask is the user@ or dev@ list for the relevant project - Foundation level mailing lists or other Apache contact emails (including individual's emails) will not be able to help you

        Foundation-wide Mailing Lists

        Apache News and Announcements

        The Apache Announcements list contains news and announcements about the foundation and its projects. Announcements of major software releases, new projects, and other important news are included. Messages are posted only by the Foundation; there is no discussion.

        You may also be interested in our official @TheASF Twitter account, or the official ASF Blog.

        Volume: Low
        Subscription address: announce-subscribe@apache.org
        Unsubscription address: announce-unsubscribe@apache.org
        Archives: Web archives
        Getting help with the list: announce-help@apache.org

        Apache Conference Announcements

        The announce@ApacheCon.Com mailing list is used by the ASF conference planning committee to make announcements about conferences, conventions, and tradeshows in which the Foundation is participating. Messages are posted only by the Foundation; there is no discussion.

        You may also be interested in our official @ApacheCon Twitter account, or the official ApacheCon Conferences blog.

        Volume: Very low
        Subscription address: announce-subscribe@ApacheCon.Com
        Unsubscription address: announce-unsubscribe@ApacheCon.Com
        Archives: Available back to 13 October 1999. Send a message to announce-help@ApacheCon.Com for information about accessing the archives.
        Getting help with the list: announce-help@ApacheCon.Com

        Apache Conference Planning and Discussions

        The apachecon-discuss@apache.org mailing list is used for discussions on the future of ApacheCon, and future ApacheCons. (Discussions for current and upcoming ApacheCons which have been approved occur on other lists)

        Volume: Moderate
        Subscription address: apachecon-discuss-subscribe@apache.org
        Unsubscription address: apachecon-discuss-unsubscribe@apache.org
        Archives: Web archives
        Getting help with the list: apachecon-discuss-help@apache.org

        The small-events-discuss@apache.org mailing list is used for discussions on future small events, such as BarCampApaches, Meetups, Retreats and Hackathons. It is used for discussing and planning small events that are not yet ready to seek final approval

        Volume: Moderate
        Subscription address: small-events-discuss-subscribe@apache.org
        Unsubscription address: small-events-discuss-unsubscribe@apache.org
        Archives: Web archives
        Getting help with the list: small-events-discuss-help@apache.org

        Community Mailing List

        The dev@community.apache.org mailing list is used by the participants in the Apache Software Foundation to discuss community-related foundation-wide topics. Participation in this list is open to everyone, and public archives are available.

        This replaces the old community@a.omailing list, disabled in 2014.

        Volume: Moderate
        Subscription address: dev-subscribe@community.apache.org
        Archives: Web archives

        Foundation Infrastructure Mailing List

        The users@infra.apache.org mailing list is used by the Foundation's infrastructure team to discuss issues concerning the operation of the overall Apache Software Foundation systems. Participation in this list is only available to committers of the Apache Software Foundation. Non-committers may send mail to this address to report problems with ASF systems, however see the notes about system status before you do. See also more information about other infra lists.

        Repository Mailing List

        The repository@apache.org mailing list is used to discuss foundation-wide issues relating to software distribution repositories, including our Apache Maven repository of other software releases. Participation in this list is open to everyone, and public archives are available.

        Volume: Moderate
        Subscription address: repository-subscribe@apache.org
        Archives: Web archives

        Foundation Legal Discussion Mailing List

        The legal-discuss@apache.org is a forum for questions (even FAQs) that have a legal aspect to them. These questions may concern (for example) licensing, third party packages, contributor agreement questions and trademark issues. This list will build into an ad-hoc knowledge base about those thorny legal issues that most commonly effect Apache projects. Please keep speculation to a minimum and avoid making authoritative statements without genuine knowledge of the subject.

        Volunteers willing to codify discussions into a FAQ will be welcomed.

        Volume: Moderate
        Subscription address: legal-discuss-subscribe@apache.org
        Unsubscription address: legal-discuss-unsubscribe@apache.org
        Archives: Raw gzipped mbox files
        Web archives